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Dr. Liu & Dr. Lizarraga

For further information on participation, you may write to Dr. Judy Liu and Dr. Sofia Lizarraga.

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For further details, queries and/or to participate, contact Dr. Karun Singh at singhk2@mcmaster.ca

SPECIAL CREDIT NOTE: This video has been designed and compiled by Dr. Sofia Lizarraga and members of her laboratory at University of South Carolina. Care4ASH1L is very grateful to their contribution & would like to thank Dr. Sofia Lizarraga, Janay Vacharasin and Anna Bagnell for contributing to this video

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ASH1 like histone lysine methyltransferase (ASH1L) was identified as a major risk factor for autism. ASH1L is associated with intellectual disabilities, speech difficulties, seizures, postnatal microcephaly, scoliosis, feeding difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Hearing and Ophthalmological abnormalities, Sleep disorders, Behavioural Issues, Anxiety, Tourette Syndrome, Cryptorchidism, musculoskeletal abnormalities, Macrocephaly, Hypotonia, Hypermobility, Precocious puberty, Dysmorphic features and Cardiac issues   .