WATCH: Please watch this video by some of our ASH1L kids. They have a simple message for our donors and are urging for your support. Help support our kids by donating to our cause. 

Care4ASH1L is raising for funds for setting up a charity

ASH1L mutation is known to cause several neurodevelopmental disorders in those affected like Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disorder, Tourette's Syndrome, Movement Disorder, Seizures and Dravet Syndrome. Additional clinical features observed in some of the patients are Hearing Impairments, Ophthalmological issues, abnormalities in axial, skeletal, vertebral, musculoskeletal, genital and retinal. 

The research on ASH1L is at its nascent stage and our kids are running out of time. Our kids and their families need answers. We need to accelerate the research to find cures for our children. 

Care4ASH1L is determined to catalyze and expedite the research and to achieve this objective, we want to be recognized as a charity. Care4ASH1L has started a fundraising campaign to help cover the costs associated with the legalities essential for the charity.

Please donate and help us support our cause!