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How do I share my photographs and videos?

If you would like to share the photograph(s) and/or video(s) of your ASH1L Warrior then please email them at This page does not accept uploads. 

Is there a limit to the number of photographs and/or videos that I can share?

No. There is no limit to the numbers of photographs and/or videos you want to share. You can share as many as you wish. However, Care4ASH1L cannot guarantee that all the photographs and/or videos will be shared on social media and/or other materials. 

What social media platforms will my story be shared on?

The story of your ASH1L Warrior will be shared across various social media platforms like, but not limited to, Care4ASH1L website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and WeChat. Additionally, your content and photographs/videos may be used for future fundraising campaigns and presentations for raising awareness, scientific posters and symposiums. It may also be used in brochures, newsletters and display boards. 

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Yes. Once the image(s) and/or video(s) are published on Care4ASH1L website, they can be downloaded by any electronic user (computers, laptops, mobile phones, Chrome books, iPads). 

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